Artistic Inspiration :

Joohee Yoon is a RISD graduate with a style that draws from screen printing, line and visual pattern. 

To me, her work is superb because it mixes complex details with seemingly simple and whimsical compositions. I am also a fan of her color choices and I feel that they are often unexpected and avant-garde. Finally, I appreciate her personal style when designing characters. Her facial features, architecture and costuming all hold a slightly mischievous and wonky demeanor. Joohee Yoon has done work for the Society of Illustrators call for entires, the NY Times and recently illustrated her first children’s book.

Matt Houston is a recent CCAD graduate who’s personal style is reminiscent of central american art as well as highly stylized and textural character design and composition choices. Some of my favorite illustrations by Matt are his editorial illustrations. In his work for Esquire Russia, the character design is somewhat silly but also haunting. He has done work for Long Island Pulse, Esquire Russia, Adventure Time and others. His style is very flat and built with simple shapes to construct more complex artistic structure.

Richie Pope is a VCU graduate who utilizes a painterly drawing style that emotes strongly especially in his editorial pieces. I appreciate his consciousness of value pattern. Since his art is not extremely representational, he uses a strong knowledge of value to convey his ideas and figures as valid subjects. Pope’s work is somewhat “smoky”, a quality that I think fits well with his more metaphorical editorial pieces. Richie Pope has been featured in Juxtapoz and Cartoon Brew. He has workd with NPR, Virgin Gaming, Wired and more.

Meg Hunt is an illustrator who focuses on colorful and adventurous character design. This meshes well with her personal composition style which is usually highly complicated and even cluttered. It is a true skill to keep her pieces comprehensive with value and hue while her shapes and figures are so varied and jumbled. I appreciate Meg Hunt’s graphic shaping and color choices as well as the texture to her mark making. Meg has worked with Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Disneyland and Threadless among others.

 Hannah Christenson is a young artist who seems to use the entire color spectrum in each of her pieces. At such a young age, she really is a master colorist. One of my favorite things about her is her choice of hue for different values. I am hard pressed to ever find a “white” or a “black” in her pieces. She uses large planes of color and value to delineate shape, volume and lighting. Hannah Christenson uses very effective compositions to convey the “epic” feeling of many of her fantasy illustrations. She is a freelance illustrator who has done the cover art for different publications.


156/365 sensitive souls 🌱💭
155/365 I’ve missed my @dianmzdd !!! ♥️
147/365 got to see my #girlswhocode buds pitch their innovative app ideas and show off their coding skills at their graduation! Congrats, my fellow femme-fatales!!!
142/365 a sunset I’m writing home about  (at Weinerschnitzel)
lil bit of abstracted amy winehouse goodness
Oh.. Hey.
finals are going well, everyone.
finals finals finals finals finals!
Some more chicky-pot-pies I drew today!
79/365 prancin’ through the puddles #ootd #doodle
78/365 turtle island paper toy! #wip #papertoy
AN EPIC ADVENTURE: Zachy’s surprise One Piece themed scavenger hunt… Pure awesomeness. This family is loving enough to cosplay without even knowing what cosplay is.