finals finals finals finals finals!

Some more chicky-pot-pies I drew today!

79/365 prancin’ through the puddles #ootd #doodle

78/365 turtle island paper toy! #wip #papertoy

AN EPIC ADVENTURE: Zachy’s surprise One Piece themed scavenger hunt… Pure awesomeness. This family is loving enough to cosplay without even knowing what cosplay is.

76/365 all of these THINGS are coming out of the GROUND!

75/365 your daily doom PSA #doodle

Sweet'n Salty Ginger & Kale Salad by Kathleen Kirker

My recipe was accepted to They Draw and Cook! Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

illustrated salad action!!!

This is a semi-made-up, wholly delicious recipe 


3 of my students drew me after class. I am flattered you think of me as a hobbit, a scary hot pink wizard and a Mormon missionary.

Strangely enough, I have dressed up as two of those things on multiple occasions that were not halloween. Can you guess which two?

haha! I did the one on the left

lil illustrated infographic about a perspective Autism spectrum 

Rabbit food things!

(lil piece of a bigger thang)

74/365 sunny skies? TIME TO SHOW SOME ANKLE

It’s official y’all- I’m interning for Adobe in San Jose, California this summer. What an incredible blessing and opportunity! I will be working as a Creative Cloud User Experience intern and I am so excited to be a part of the team!
#newcreative #adobe #creativecloud #iamthenewcreative

72/365 buns of yarn and a cluttered mess 🌰(o人o)🌰